Australian Container Innovations is an Australian owned manufacturer of custom designed container solutions, and the proud manufacturer of the RASS marine storage system.

We specialise in the design and modification of new and secondhand shipping containers to suit a range of commercial and industrial applications, from seafood processing to hydroponics.

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marine rass solutions

Global wild fisheries will face extreme challenges in the coming decades, from overfishing to changing climate and ocean conditions. With the RASS, we are committed to empower micro-, small- and medium-sized fishermen from the Australian coast to the Indian coast, to hold, process and value-add their own catches.

Australian Container Innovations is the driving force behind the development of the RASS after years of first-hand wild abalone fishing experience in Australia’s Southern Ocean. The need for low cost, easy-to-deploy and energy efficient shore-based seafood holding solutions has never been greater.

A viable and low cost solution for small and medium fishermen to store and process their own catches.

The RASS system delivers a viable and low cost processing solution for small and medium sized fisherman to process their own seafood catches. From small subsistence fishing villages to larger scale seafood processing operations, the RASS is a scalable, affordable storage solution.

Driving innovation and forward-thinking in sustainable fishing technologies

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